Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Long-tailed Duck

I've finally ticked Long-tailed Duck ... close to 10-15 of them swimming about near Revtangen when I was there with Ali photographing rocks.

It was meant to just be a short beach trekking trip looking for the round-est rocks we can find, it was by sheer luck we decided to bring a bino along. The only other gear we had was a back-pack for each of us. My pack carried the Fuji G617 and about 8 rolls of 120 films. It was a photo trip.

Through the bino we spotted the usual (Common Eider) and the sought after which turned out to be the Long-tailed Duck. We also ticked a Grey Seal (not a bird) lurking about in the water checking out the eiders.

Temperatures this weekend is predicted to be below 9 deg C, -4 deg C for Saturday and Sunday. Is it worth a trip back to Revtangen with the long lens ...