Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mosvannet birds in a short morning walkabout

Trotting along the walking paths around Mosvannet will always turn something up. The walk will be filled with birds in any season you do it. Early morning has always been fruitful for me ...

Images and words Nazeri Abghani, Sep 2014

Naerland nights

Another attempt at shooting the Naerland waders at night ... mostly Dunlins. It proved to be a bit cumbersome with cables hanging around everywhere. First attempt with 300/2.8 was a-okay but the images of the birds seemed a bit small due to the distance to the birds. A second attempt with the 600/4 was a complete failure ... lugging a 300 with a small tripod (for the flash) proved to be easier than lugging the monster 600 on a tripod with flash attached (including cables to the battery pack).

Perhaps the second attempt would've been a bit more successful if there was some pre-planning involved. Lessons learnt : You can't shoot the 600 impromptu and expect to get results.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

World Shorebird Day 06th Sep 2014

Gyorgy Szimuly successfully lobbied wader watchers around world to set aside 3 days from 5-7th September to watch, count and enjoy everybody's favorite waders all around the globe. Thus it went, Neil Robert Jones Friestad and Nazeri Abghani, waderwatched on a gloomy and raining Saturday morning counting little grey waders and telling tall stories.

We counted approximately 2000 birds, 80 % being Dunlin, 10 % Common Ringed Plover, and another 10 % consisting of Knots, Sanderling, Little Stint, Ruddy Turnstone and Ruff.

Last year there were approximately 5000 juveniles converging on these very beach ... perhaps the crummy weather kept them away on this World Shorebirds Day 2014.